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 Yes, we sell to the public!

Our price list for freelancer purchases, with pickup on stocked materials follows:

These prices are not final and is the MAXIMUM price we would charge.

They depend on certain conditions including our current stock and whether delivery is required. For an obligation free quote, please contact one of the current sales representatives by darkness messaging (or preferred on IRC in #cmg-xxx).

Please note that larger pickup orders (Tabder, MSH) may need to be mined and may need preparation to transfer to space station pickup points, however we can handle most sized orders, just ask!

Delivery orders hold a large premium (2-3x price). It is strongly recommended that you pickup your materials.

Bulk orders are priced higher than freelance orders. We will sell to the highest bidder for bulk orders, at the price dictated by the open market. We offer the winners of the auctions extra purchasing options, so if you want a lot of mats from us prepare to win the auctions.

Sales Representatives

The following people can take orders and give you status updates on your orders:

  • Hayden Atreides (specialty: large orders, regular orders, faction deals)   [ primary contact ]

Certain orders may require confirmation from one or more sales reps

Ordering and Pickup process is:

  • Inform the leader or your sales representative of the order, and get confirmation we can support it
  • Head to Danju (unless otherwise specified)
  • You will need to give us two days notice of your arrival to prepare shields and facility access (pilot, ship type and ship name)
  • You will be assigned Glee Anselm One Trading II station or a silo within the XXX Cargo Starport
  • You will notify us when your pickup is completed so you can be unassigned the resources
  • Once materials have been picked up, any outstanding payment is due
  • Materials will be made over once payment is received

We reserve the right to:

  • Refuse access to the planet for any pilots who pose threat to our stock or assets (instead, we will load it for you however this may have associated delays)
  • Refuse small orders (<20kT is small)
  • Refuse delivery over large distances (we are based in Tapani)
  • Require a non-refundable deposit for large or rare mats orders (>200kT)
  • Refund orders that have not been picked up in a timely manner (2+ months)
  • Alter delivery schedules due to server downtime or bugs

Our Guarantee:

We will only sell to you if:

  • We can support the order in a timely manner
  • We can guarantee any agreed upon delivery schedules

If you have any complaints, feel free to contact the leader about it, or post your gripes publically in the Traders Lounge. If you are happy with our service, please keep quiet about it, that's the way we like it.

Also at your service:

  1. Confidential prospection.
  2. Raw Material Management under your city.
  3. Long term delivery options from our bases.

Contact the Management for further details.

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