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Triple X Miners (XXX MINERS) was originally a two man operation set up for small mining operations within the Elrood Sector, starting with only two mines in a small city, they began to dig up precious metals and sell them off to companies for exorbitant prices. XXX began with a small time Ryll mining operation, Ryll, a hit drug with both the medical and social backgrounds sold well, so well that XXX MINERS attracted the attention of the local law enforcement in the area. Ordered to shut production down or be destroyed, XXX moved its production underground and hired professional smugglers to move its stock off planet to hidden bases where it was later sold.

The successes within the business community meant that XXX MINERS grew and expanded its operations to several cities on different planets, manufacturing a variety of different materials. Key deals were formed between XXX and other groups within the galaxy, Medical groups, Ship producers, Vehicle producers and others, and soon XXX MINERS' facilities could be found in any sector in the Galaxy.

When Clarr Solo, the man who lead XXX MINERS in the beginning, went on retirement, he left the mining group to Tyron Krayzzz, Fizyk Saah and Hayden Atreides to continue the course and bring it to new heights. They managed to recruit very eagerly and experienced miners who wanted things to happen, but soon Tyron Krayzzz stepped down and transferred the leadership to Fizyk Saah. In his time, XXX MINERS secured the last planets within Tapani and employed local people for the mining activities.

To optimize the trading of raw material and level the overall profit, soon Fizyk Saah established an extra division, which was lead by Zeta Blix. It was her desire for pursuit of power to replace Fizyk Saah immediately, when he retired. She started to reorganize old structures and privileges, which was not always supported by all members with the same enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Zeta Blix had obligations that pulled her towards the Outer Rim. She passed ownership back to the original leader, Clarr Solo and leadership onto the Chief Financial Officer, Hayden Atreides. Hayden led XXX MINERS with an iron fist and expanded mining operations into surrounding sectors. However, Hayden was forced to step down to do a stint of door-to-door sales on his home planet. Clarr Solo had regained leadership, with Iblis Ginjo as his Second-In-Command.

Due to a change in circumstances for Clarr Solo, Hayden Atreides has once again taken to the reins of XXX MINERS in hopes of furthering the faction's position in the ever changing galaxy, with Zeta Blix as Second-In-Command (2IC).

And today XXX MINERS is the best mining faction in our galaxy. In fact, it gets more and more popular to have XXX MINERS managing your mining activities. It is estimated that XXX MINERS is in charge of 57.3% mining activity in our galaxy. It has vast amounts of RM stock piles and a monthy turn over rate of up to 3.5 billion tons.

XXX - Xplore, Xcavate, Xtract

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