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XXX MINERS is the biggest mining faction in the Tapani sector. We are independent and proud to be selling all our Raw Materials to directly the public. We offer all twenty one Raw Materials for direct sale, from Duracrete to Varium, including Alazhi and Bacta as well as any raw gems on demand.

Our fleet of Bulk Freighters make short work of any deliveries, local or otherwise and you can rest assured that once your order is approved, you will get the RMs in a timely manner.

Just remember, XXX MINERS will be laying the foundations before the others are even leaving the starport. And yes, that is premium service, for premium customers. Glee Anselm (-105, 195) and Ghorman (-10, -113)) are our major commerce and trading hubs. Large, long term storage facilities are available for you, if you prefer to pick up your ordered RMs yourself. For larger ships, Glee Anselm One orbiting Glee Anselm is available for material transfers.

You can find more details about us by checking the available options on the left menu and for any interaction with our stuff members, please use our board. Private rooms are available upon request for confidential discussions.



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