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XXX MINERS is dedicated to bringing you the best quality minerals straight from our mines to you. We only hire the best miners from all over the galaxy to ensure the end product is up to standard. We will try to make life as easy as possible for you; we deliver all our minerals from the mines straight to your doorstep, no less, we have the fastest pilots and the best ships to ensure you get your critical delivery there on time!

We have several mines scattered over the galaxy pumping out a variety of different minerals to suit different needs in many different sectors. If you need to keep your blasters firing, talk to us about our Tibanna gas production, if you need something a bit more explosive, perhaps you would be better off inquiring about some Nova, maybe some Ryll for your hospitals, and in case you need to prove you are a member of the rich and noble class, you could inquire about some valuable gems such as Berubian, Vertex or Lowickan. We may not be producing everything right now, but if you ask for it, our state of the art FK-7 and Groundhog prospecting teams will be sent out to find exactly what you need.

What makes XXX MINERS different?

  • We are neutral, selling materials to both sides of the galaxy conflict
  • We believe strongly in keeping ownership and leadership within the faction
  • We have a large territory base within the Tapani Sector, holding several systems and over 30 planets
  • We sell to the public, unlike many other mining factions



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